8 Essential Apps for Protecting Your Online Identity

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top identity protection apps

In the era of modernizing applications, it is crucial to step in with improved softwares and applications that are for securing data and personal information, taking care of one’s data including personal information, documents and files, images and videos or other financial information either maintaining or transferring is crucial. However, it can be maintained by using certain applications like reliable software that can assist with it.

In today's digital world, your online identity is more vulnerable. With the increase in the rate of cybercrime, hackers are constantly preaching and searching for new ways to steal your personal data and information. There will be fewer possibilities for this when you apply cybersecurity basics to safeguard yourself. It is foremost crucial to protect your online identity, one of the best ways to protect your data from the perpetrator is that you can use these essential apps that can safeguard your data and protect you from potential threats. Following are the listings for protecting your personal data and information, this might be a useless and downhearted task, but these apps can significantly make a difference. 

Top Identity Theft Protection Apps

In the recent and unfortunate events of identity theft, people are insecure of identity theft, where an identity theft protection app can prove to be a lifesaver. These apps monitor your personal data and information and alert you if there is any suspicious activity with your account holdings. Some apps also offer features like credit monitoring and insurance in case of identity theft. Aura, LifeLock, and Identity Guard are popular options for identity theft protection apps. Let's check out some of the best online security apps below.

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Aura provides a one-stop reliability safety solution that combines identity theft protection with financial account protection. It provides the whole suitcase of digital security tools, it ensures safety and insurance upon identity theft and round the clock specialist for fraud resolution. Aura is also providing spam call and text protection detection with the use of AI. Aura app is easy to use, as well as available for iOS and Android devices.

Download: For iOS and For Android


Lifelock is the most recommended name in identity theft protection. Since 2017, it also includes a full services support for digital security with various tools. LifeLock app in Android help you receive and respond to the fraud alerts, your credit score and report is also accessible on your device, and easily contact their support teams. It also provides access to antivirus software and identity lock features. The bundle LifeLock with Norton 360 provides an entirely complete package.

Download: For iOS and For Android


IdentityForce is used by famous bureaus like TransUnion, which use its identity theft protection solution. It provides apps for mobile devices that help with threat alerts, a VPN service, and your credit score after logging in with your laptops or computers to access your annual report. IdentityForce storage provides you with an identity vault where passwords, email addresses etc, are protected. An updated version is available that is more user-friendly as they have enhanced the UI of the application.

Download: For iOS and For Android


IDShield engages you with the app that lets you access your credentials with a score tracker and helps to respond to identifying threat alerts. These standard applications ensure you to respond over Dark Web monitoring and public record alerts as well and they provide protection against threats from social media monitoring. 

Download: For iOS and For Android


It is considered in the list of best mobile apps offering bureau credit monitoring, Social Security Number monitoring, it provides identity theft notifications as well as account monitoring. There are plans according to your pocket, however you can have access to their financial calculator suite which can help you with your financial decisions. They also ensure security and support by assigning a fraud specialist for scalper.

Download: For iOS and For Android

Experian IdentityWorks

Experian works for three main bureaus and IdentityWorks is its ID theft protection service, where they provide daily FICO credential score and Experian File monitoring only. They don't offer any mobile apps, but eventually you can track credit score using Experian CreditWorks app.

Download: For iOS and For Android

Complete ID

Complete ID is for Costco members where it elaborate its functions over identity theft protection, it also offers the same features as the other providers. It is pocket friendly for Costco membership but can be exorbitant for you if you aren't Costco member. The app can be installed easily with cable internet or other internet service from Android play-store as well as from Apple app store.

Download: For iOS and For Android


F-Secure ID protection encourages you to keep your personal data private and protected, they ensure proper security, avoiding online identity theft as well as monitor alerts and provide guidance. They offer 24/7 online monitoring against cyber criminals, help you with their password manager and their data breach monitoring will assist you to stop data breaches from becoming identity theft.

Download: For iOS and For Android

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How do I know if my identity has been stolen or not?

The quickest way to guess if you feel something fishy, keep an eye wide open and get a sense of what's happening with your identity: check your credits. But on the other hand, as the risk of cyber crimes has increased, the more tricky it gets; it's just not only the money, but the creepy crooks can still have a leg placed like they can steal your identity and apply for job placements, they can also access in different apps where you may relay for assistance like medical services or you may tuck-in yourself like renting an apartment. These are some premises where you can sense your identity theft. 

Everything in a Nutshell

Your online identity is constantly at risk, and it is a responsibility to take measures to protect it. Using these essential apps can go a long way in safeguarding our personal information and keeping yourself safe from cyber threats or other threats. So, make sure to download these apps and use them regularly, especially if you are dependent on your credentials that are saved in your devices. 

For better assistance you can use the best identity theft protection app for you and your family. Just in case if you aren't feasible enough with these, have a trial with these apps. Prevention is always better than cure, same applies here! If you have something to share, please let us know in the comments section below.  

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