7 Best Productivity Apps for iPhone & iPad

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best productivity apps for iphone and ipad

Apple devices are highly familiar for handling multiple uses most of the time. For instance, handling various tasks can be done more smoothly when you access OTT streaming and are left to play video games. From handling documents to sending emails, you can improve your productivity whenever you want. To make this happen, the list of seven best productivity applications for iPhone and iPad would be helpful.

Focus Timer

This productivity application boasts a streamlined design and offers a simple time management approach. With the support of Focus Timer, you can use time animation continuously, which also plays through pre-determined blocks mainly dedicated to 15-minute long breaks, 25-minute work sessions, and 5-minute short breaks. Once each session ends, before the start of the next session, you will get chime sounds. Well, if you check with the set schedule, it helps to focus on the current task during working hours and also prevents you from spending more time resting.


This could be one of the best collaboration applications for teams. The available features are completely free to use. At the same time, it will be easy for you to add team members who can help you work on projects. Also, it comes up with a streamlined design, which means you don't want to spend much time handling particular tasks. Here, you can see that the tasks are represented as cards which can be edited and moved without any hassles. The best thing is you can add due dates for the assignment, additional details and more. Well, this customizable application encourages access at regular intervals.


Are you looking for a Moleskine notebook to use in real life? Then, flow could be the best option for you. This best note-taking application helps you work on storyboards and sketches and offers more customization options. For information, if you want to know about infinite-width documents, it means you can explore your creativity to the fullest. Well, with this application, you can get various sketching, art, and unlimited color drawing tools.


When planning to balance work life, going ahead with Pomodoro is the best working method. It helps to balance the work along with rest. So, using FocusPomo will be the best, and it will come up with a simple application. The application also supports the new Standby mode and widgets. Yes, it will display the current timer on the StandyBy dock. The application also offers a timeline showing, which helps to get information about when you rested and worked. You can also find that iCloud syncing across different devices and app blocking. 


If you feel you are wasting time at home, shops and offices looking for a wallet for membership cards, then Stocard is the best application you should have. It is a free application that uses a camera when it comes to scanning your cards and helps to create digital copies of them in a few seconds within the application. When you start using Stocard, it automatically increases the screen's brightness to make barcodes simple. Also, it helps users to read with barcode scanners, and the application can find membership numbers faster when booking or online shopping.


This application integrates with artificial intelligence that helps your writing get polished by checking spelling, focusing on grammar correction, and more. This application has recently gained a reputation for delivering good results. Also, based on your need for style, this AI-integrated application helps to generate text. However, approaching the premium version is the best option when you want to see an effective result. 


You can see that various password managers are available, but you can deal with Bitwarden for effective results. It provides unlimited storage for passwords when it comes to unlimited devices. This application will not charge for the usage; yes, it is free. Here, you can get your vault, which is completely secure. On the whole, Bitwarden will keep your data safe and secure. So, when you have this application for free, why would you choose another paid application over this?

Final Words

Overall, people who want to find the best productivity apps for their Apple devices can look at the above list. It will definitely be helpful to you and make you feel simpler while handling any type of task. Hope these apps will help you improve your productivity while using the iPhone and iPad. 


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