Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Your Own Gaming Setup

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best gaming chairs

If you are planning to have a gaming setup at home, then you need to choose the best gaming chairs. You can find thousands of gaming chairs available in the market, but choosing the best among all is essential. So, people who are searching for the best gaming chairs to buy, check out the list of chairs mentioned below. Here, the list of gaming chairs is budgeted to premium ones. 

1. Corsair TC100 Relaxed

When searching for the best gaming chairs under $500, this is the best option to choose at any time. This Corsair TC100 Relaxed is available for $250, and sometimes you can purchase it for $200 during sales. For information, you can find various chairs at low budgets that are of low quality in the market. In this case, this product is the best in the gaming market. 

This amazing chair has the best features, including a large seat adjustment and soft fabric for a comfortable feel. Also, the thick seat pad makes you feel comfortable during a gaming session. When it comes to build quality, for its price range, this product delivers the punch.

2. Logitech/Herman Miller Vantum

If you check with most gaming chairs, they are faux leather in terms of look. They will not deliver what they promised. So, people who would like to purchase the most comfortable and breathable chair should consider Logitech/Herman Miller Vantum. This is an ergonomic mesh chair mainly designed for people who want to play games.

Once you use it, you will feel comfortable throughout your gaming session, and it delivers a sleek design in terms of look. The best thing about this chair is that it fits in the office and home. The available mesh in the chair is breathable and still delivers a soft experience with its premium build quality.

You can adjust the headrest, armrests, and height in this chair whenever required. Also, when you are looking for the lower and upper back, this chair allows you to get that position smoothly. For sure, you will get a comfortable experience throughout the gaming session. However, it is quite expensive, around $1000, which is also considered the only drawback. 

3. AKRacing Max

If you check with short people, they will find it challenging to find the perfect matching chair for gaming. So, people who are short and tall can use AKRacing Max. The chair has the potential to weigh up to 400 pounds and support gamers to feel comfortable, and it is designed according to that. If you check with this chair, it has a wide and flat seat base, so your legs will feel comfortable sitting. 

The chair allows a maximum height of 6’6”. On the whole, this is the best gaming chair for those who would like to play for a long time. This chair looks classic racer design and offers a broader space to sit. Here, the available lumbar pillows and headrests are more prominent, which makes the best. Also, the build quality is durable and available at $490.

4. AKRacing California 

Finding a chair under 5’6” for shorter teens, kids, or adults is challenging. In this case, there are no more options to choose a chair in this height range. Among the very few products, you can always go with AKRacing California.

When it comes to searching for short people, this could be the perfect choice. It mainly has the standard racing design and delivers a comfortable feel when you sit to play for a long time. The available armrests are adjustable, and you will also get a recline. But, with 5’3” or 5’4” feet, your feet will not feel comfortable to set.


However, it is comfortable in many ways compared to other gaming chairs. At the same time, buying on your budget is cheaper.

5. Secretlab Titan EVO

If you are looking for the most popular gaming chair on the market, this is the right option. If you want to feel comfortable throughout the gaming session, you can have this chair at home.

It comes in a range of sizes, fabric options, and colors, from smaller to larger. According to your needs, you can choose the right option. For $500, you can buy this well-made and comfortable gaming chair. If you are looking for extra comfort, then you can choose the SoftWeave fabric option. 

Final Words

When it comes to playing games, having the right gaming chair is vital. Those who are searching can have a look at the above-mentioned list of products. Based on your budget and features, you can choose the right one and go further. Enjoy your gaming with a comfortable gaming chair to boom!  


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