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As we can see, the number of smartphone users is growing globally, but the one question among people that has to be answered is whether to choose iPhone or Android. In this case, they will decide based on their experience with smartphone devices. However, when you see iPhone users who want to shift to Android, they may have many doubts about data transfer that must be clarified. Also, they will look for their data to transfer from iPhone to Android safely without any loss. So, approaching Google Drive to store the files, contacts, videos, photos, and more will help transfer the data smoothly at any time.

Let’s look at the guidelines that will support transferring the data from iPhone to Android without any hassles. Just follow the steps below and have a smoother experience while shifting from iPhone to Android device.

How to Move Data from iPhone to Android Using Google Drive

Google Drive Solution 

As an iPhone user, transferring data from iPhone to Android has to be crucial as they don’t want to lose their important data at any cost. The Google Drive solution delivers the best, as you can handle it without worries. To complete this process, you need to have your iPhone and Android devices together, which should be turned ON. At the same time, you need to connect to a stable and secure Wi-Fi network to proceed further.

Steps to follow with Google Account Creation 

So, when you plan to transfer the data from iPhone to Android, you need to have a Google account. If you don’t have an account, then the Android device will prompt you to the account to proceed further. People who don’t have an account with Google should create one and follow the procedure discussed here.

Procedure to transfer iPhone data using Google Drive

Now, let’s check out the Google Drive transfer procedure discussed below. Make sure to follow the steps without skipping to see the best result. 

1. Installation of Google Drive on both devices:

If you visit Android devices, it is essential to know that Google Drive is already installed, whereas you need to download and install it on your iPhone from the App Store.

2. Google Drive Backup:

After successfully having Google Drive on both devices, you need to open Google Drive on both devices and do the sign-in process using a Google account. When it comes to the iPhone, you need to access the Google Drive menu and tap the settings wheel by swiping it to the right. Now, it is easy to find the option “Back Up,” which will help you have videos, photos, calendar events, and contacts.

3. Photo and Video Transfer Optimization:

Make sure to pick high-quality photos for smoother uploading to Google Photos in the photo and video section. Basically, Google Photos offers a good space option that helps compress the images and reduce the video resolution to Full HD. If your account has less than 15GB of media, you can choose the original size option for storage on Google Drive without compression. 

4. WhatsApp Backup:

When it comes to WhatsApp conversations, audio, and files, you can always use Google Drive, which is the best solution. To restore WhatsApp conversations, you can always use Google Drive, which is the best solution. At the same time, it will be helpful in managing the WhatsApp backup settings to optimize storage usage.

Synchronization and Completion

If the backup is processed, the contacts will be uploaded successfully to Google contacts, calendar events will be added to the calendar, and photos will be transferred to Google Drive or photos as per wish. When it comes to the synchronization process, it ensures that the Android device mirrors the respective data smoothly. 

Advantages in Integration of Google Account

In this case, you need to know that this process is considered where the future device changes become easier any day. Using your Google account login will bring all the events, photos, videos, and contacts to the new device without requiring a manual approach. Finally, repetitive data transfers can be done hassle-free.

Consideration of App Migration

It is essential to know that the core data is integrated efficiently and that the application requires manual downloading. On the other hand, paid applications from the App Store will not transfer payment status to Google Play. However, you can witness that many applications are considered cross-platform, and you need to know that not all iOS apps come up with Android counterparts, prompting the users to choose alternatives in some cases.

Final Say

In the end, in this smartphone era, transferring data from iPhone to Android will no longer be difficult. Also, one must understand that Google Drive is user-friendly and has the best integration with a Google account, making you feel smoother than expected. At the end of the day, it is essential to know that the data you would like to store and transfer will always be secure and safe. Following this discussion on Google Drive will help you understand the transfer process and make you feel confident whenever you plan to repeat the process with an Android device.

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