Google Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick: Which Is Best?

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chromecast vs. fire tv stick

In the current scenario, entertainment has become vital among the people as they demand it often. Streaming is becoming more accessible than ever for people, as they can access it whenever they want from different devices. Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick definitely play a significant role. Also, it has to be difficult for people to choose the right one from these two devices.

One should understand that both will allow you to stream on your favorite platforms. Also, they will allow you to access any TV content, and both will come up with voice-controlled features. As they offer various features and better user experiences all the time. Well, if you got confused while choosing between these two, read this article to get a closer look that will help you choose the best. 

Features of Google Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick

This comparison will help you choose the one that is suitable for you. If you look closely, you will see that they both offer similar results, but you can see slight differences.


It comes up with various features that support different streaming applications. Here, you can also check both 1080 and HD models. Dolby Atmos support applies only to higher-end models.

However, it doesn't have a remote to access, but you can deal with any companion application on your phone to access your TV smoothly. On the other hand, if you have a cheap model, using your phone to handle voice commands is necessary. Also, you should notice that the models with remotes come up with various features and buttons.

Fire TV Stick

If you check with Fire TV Stick, you will find many live TV applications to stream your favorite channels. At the same time, the video quality can be supported up to 4k. With cheaper models, you can use up to 1080p with Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite. 

All the Fire Sticks come with physical remotes, and if you don't like to access them on the phone, you can use them. When you check with all other models, they support HDR that delivers good quality. At the same time, you can expect Dolby Atmos support, which will provide compelling audio, but you can't expect Fire TV Stick lite. 

Most Fire Sticks contain internal storage of 8GB to handle the applications. However, the storage of 3GB will be taken up for the OS. On the other hand, if you check with a high-end Fire TV Cube, it will double the amount of space.

Pricing of Google Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire Stick

Before choosing between these two, you need to look at the pricing. However, it will be way lower than the TV cost of around $300.


One should know that Google needs to offer more options like Amazon. For information, the Chromecast comes up with three tiers, whereas the lowest one has been officially stopped. Now, you can check with two tiers that the higher-end option costs $50 and the next tier at $30. 

Fire Stick

It has five tiers, and here you can see the expensive one, the Fire TV Cube. Well, this is the latest version that costs $140. The next tier will cost $60, which offers 4K quality, and another tier will come up with a less powerful processor, which will cost $50. 

On the other hand, if you check with the lower-end version, it just costs $30, which delivers plenty of options to explore. Ultimately, you can choose the right plan per your budget.

Usability of Google Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Before using it, it is crucial to know its usability because users will always expect some convenience while handling it. 


It is easy to deal with HDMI ports and USB ports here. However, hiding all these things behind the TV is quite difficult as it will demand more cables to handle. Here, you can also find voice controls that are very convenient.

So, people with the 3rd Gen, a discontinued version, will not get a remote, but with the latest models, one can get suitable interfaces and remotes. Also, it delivers control of input switching and power buttons.

Fire TV Stick

Except for the Cube, you can plug directly into the HDMI port. The only wire is a small power cable plugged into the TV's USB port.

After the device has been set up successfully, you can access the remote to handle the apps, and it shows by using voice commands with Alexa. On the other hand, Fire Stick Lite's remote cannot control the TV's volume or power.

If you check with all Fire remotes, they don't have input switching. Yes, it is necessary to have a separate remote when switching to a different HDMI port for playing video games.

Final Words

Finally, after a complete discussion on both, the Fire TV Stick takes the lead in many categories. Also, one must agree that Chromecast is still the best device and delivers more convenience to users. When you prefer easy usage, then Chromecast is for you. On the other hand, if you prefer more options and accessibility, Fire TV Stick is the perfect choice to deliver exciting features with a reasonable pricing range. 


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